Eriss bed series: good buy a bed to sleep! Big bra

According to the  leather bed good buy [bed]


1., the user personally try to lie - each body weight of different shape, suitable for different types of mattresses, must try to lie only then, and try to lie down several beds, in order to pick their own hardness.

2. remove the plastic sleeve -- part of the store for the anti dirty mattress, will be set on the plastic sleeve, but try lying, remove the plastic sleeve to the best, really feel the mattress table cloth with soft touch, Turner hardness.

3. try lying more than 10 minutes -- whether it is to buy what the mattress, to see if the goods in the store, can not see the internal spring and table cloth material, so the purchase of the former must try lying, if more than half an hour is better, relaxed, and with their almost style pillows, can choose your body the shoulder, waist and hips mattress.

4. lying on the side should be measured - people will always turn over when sleeping, so lying on the left side should try. The most difficult part of the docile, can reach out to test, if there is a gap, which is not suitable for.

5. mattress sinking 1~3 cm - "whether soft or hard bed, spring bed good to support the body, hip and shoulder dispersing pressure to sleep comfortably. But the mattress sag can not destroy the body curve, if the deformation is too large, it is easy to sleep back pain, so when trying to lie down, the following 1~3 cm thick mattress is best. If the mattress is attached to the tongue (Bo Ruandian), the upper level is best not more than 5 centimeters.

6. spring number to double size properly -- generally 5 * 6.2 feet about 600~800 or spring, too little will support and service of poor, but not the supporting force is better, because the spring support is mainly to see the spring quality, not quantity decision. The number will result in a smaller diameter, the better will be obedient but hard. If you want to sleep a little soft, you can only use a smaller spring, but the smaller spring without pre compression treatment, easy to produce elastic fatigue, resulting in poor supporting force, sleep a few years later, the same spring will sag.

7., young and old heavy soft and hard - if the hardness of the bed is divided into 10 grades, 1 for the hardness of wood bed, 10 as lazy bones, sandbag soft, teenagers and old people are most suitable for 3~5 class soft hardness. Do not think that the elderly have to sleep 1 hard bed, because the deformation of the hard bed does not spread the function of human pressure, but will sleep well, still choose to sink 1~3 cm of the mattress is best.

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